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Story Hook

There is a story very few know about, as it has been kept secret from the ears of the
world. This story is about the most recent of the Okaria Family.

About forty years ago, there was a bard by the name of Sitar Okaria. His music was
known to bring happiness to the young and old alike. The only thing about Sitar was
his voice wasn't singing material, you can say. Because of his voice, he was only able
to play the music, rather then sing along to his own song. This depressed him deeply

One day, he met a beautiful dancer while traveling across the Mezzo Desert, also called
the Great Desert. After introducing one with the other. Rio, the dancer, asked Sitar to
play her a song and sing with her. When he stated he couldn't sing, Rio laughed and
suddenly kissed him. He was a little shocked, but he felt magic within that kiss. After she
broke the kiss, she asked him to sing with her. So he did, and discovered that his voice
was more sweeter sounding then before, and that he could sing. So he took Rio to the
oasis, making sure no monsters were around, and began to sing and play his lyre. Rio
began to sing as she danced across the sand, and she had the sweetest voice he ever
heard, it melted his heart with love. After she got tired dancing, Rio and Sitar sat by a tree
and talked about each other, until they both fell asleep.

Sitar discovered Rio's musical talent didn't stop at singing either. She helped him compose
twelve wonderful songs, each which somehow changed the emotions of the people who
heard it. In Serenade, Their 'Adoring Aria' caused single people to fall for each other while
the couples in the city began to kiss. In Durangnire, The Mountain King lively danced to their
'Waltz of Life'. It didn't matter where, but their songs had either positive and negative effects.
Their more disasterous melody, 'Rageful Rhyme', caused people to destroy whatever they could
around them. So Sitar and Rio left that song alone.

After eight years of traveling, Rio and Sitar settled down in a chateau they had built in a
wooded area close to Etude. Their life there was nothing but peaceful tranquility. They
had four children in the nine years they stayed within that chateau together.

One day, Rio revealed to her husband and children that she was an Esper, a powerful
entity that can be summoned into battle with Esperstones. She told them she had to
return to the Realm of her origin. Her youngest wanted to go with her, But Rio stated she
couldn't take her, because her lord wouldn't allow it. But she told onto her children if they
discovered the power within them, then one day her lord would accepted them into her
home realm. Before she left, she took one song with her, gave one song to Sitar, one to
each of her children, and took the other six with her to be given to powerful sages. Then
she left their lives forever.

Whether this story is true or not has not be figured out, but maybe, just maybe, it is true…
and there are twelve musical manuscripts that contain a power only Espers should weild.
And maybe, just maybe, that power will be released in the not to distant future. What will
happen to us when this power is released… Only the Goddess knows the answer.

"Siren's Lost Songs and the Power We Should Fear" by Sage Ghido

Chapter 1:Artsehcro's Goblin Problem

Captain Tobias has order a group of the town guard to take reports with some of the
townsfolk who were robbed by goblins. Lately the goblins have been stealing metal objects
and tools. So Tobias has Valamar Karluun, Kupo-Pon, Johnny Rhythm and his Posse (Betsy Lou
the Varg, Ho' Down the Creimire, Thuggalicious the elf, and Steven Suffern the human), Gorgore
the Fabulous, and a 'new recruit' by the name of Capriccia von Strauss. With them is a strange
pair of friends, also with the town guard: Biggs Bloodfang the Varg and a Moogle who calls himself
'Wedge' becuase of the unique weapon he weilds. They all are asked to see the Blacksmith,
Mr. Crowley, and the Metalcraftsman, Mr. Belle. The group goes to the Blacksmith first and finds
out the only weapons the goblins haven't stolen were wooden.
Next they visit the Metalcraftsman and discover he is away on buisness. After travelling town
a bit, they hear screams coming from the main street of town to the east. Upon arriving, they
discover the Clockmaker being held up as goblins loot his store. The party enters battle with
the goblins and win. Some goblins escape with the loot from the store. Johhny pursues them, only
to have a small black metal ball tossed at him. A small metal ball with a fuse. It explodes and takes
form into a fiery mass with burning yellow eyes and cackling mouth (Lore check by Valamar
revealed it to be a Bomb, a classic monster that's been in many, if not all, of the Final Fantasy
series). After defeating the two Bombs thrown at them. The party realizes they can not catch the
goblins now, but Capriccia has Umbra, her gargoyle like humonculus, to chase after. But shortly
after, a goblin comes out of the forest and fires a beam of energy from a strange device at the
humonculus, which rips through his wing.

After Umbra's recovery, the protagonist realize they can't catch up to the goblins, so they go back
to look for clues in the Clockmaker's shop. Upon investigating, they discover that the gears within
most of the clocks or missing. THis stirs up some conversation about what EXACTLY are the Goblins
up to by taking metal, gears, and tools. So Biggs and Wedge go off to report thier finds to the captain.
On the way there, they see a Town-Friendly Goblin tied up and bound. When they release him, He
explains he went to answer the door, when some non-town friendly goblins raided into the place of
Dr. Tinkertrain and took a very important piece of his…a Lazer Gun. Armed with this new piece of news,
the group are then met again by Biggs and Wedge. When they relay the information. THey realize that
the town guard that stormed into the Goblins Forest are in trouble now. So he rushes towards the
forest with Wedge in tow. The group follows moment after.

When they arrive in the forest, after having Betsy Lou follow her brother's scent, They come upon a
most unsettling scene. Most of the guard are dying, and those that aren't dying are falling one by
one. Biggs and Wedge are fighting them back as well. THe party goes into battle with nine Goblins.
and come out victorious. When the lead goblin realize his army has failed, he retreats into a cave. J
ohnny and Capriccia follow. Suddenly, within the dank darkness, a light flares up, and a sound of a
charging weapon is heard. Suddenly, a beam of energy, the same beam of energy as before that ripped
through Umbra's wing, blast at Johnny. Valamar scans the creature hiding behind the lights to discover
it isn't a Creature at all, but an ill concieved machine built by a goblin genius, Drenix Snotpicker, who
calls his creation 'Domovin -X'. and along with this information comes the fact that the machine is weak
to the lightning elemental spell both Valamar and Kupo-Pon wields.

After a rather short battle, the machine begins to fall apart. Drenix tries his last trick: Blasting the party
with the laser. But unfortunately for him, the laser slips out of it's hold and points straight down on him,
When he looks up, he panics and jumps out of the machine, and it explodes into millions of pieces. After
Johnny gets a quick beating out of Drenix, Biggs sacrifices his energy to revive all the Town Guard, healing
all their grievious wounds, and knocking himself out from lack of energy. Tobias ask Johnny to Stop so he
can question Drenix. After a few rounds of questions. Tobias and the party discoverthat Drenix was hired
by 'the pretty woman with a purple dress and golden wings', which pretty much describes Siren, the Esper
of Enchanting Voices, located in Etude at her temple. They also learn that they were 'tested' by Drenix for
Siren. All of them mentioned by name, which is unsettling for Valamar, Tobias decides to give them rest for
the day. So the party heads for town and goes to sleep.

Continued in Chapter 2: Into Dangerous Lucidity

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